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SQ4532EY N-and P-Channel 30 V (D-S) 175 °C MOSFET

Automotive N-and P-Channel 30 V (D-S) 175 °C MOSFET SQ4532EY

 SQ4532EY Datasheet 

DUAL p-Channel mosfet list

SQ1025X Dual SC-89 P
SQ4917EY Dual SO-8 P
SQ4937EY Dual SO-8 P
SQ4949EY Dual SO-8 P
SQ4953EY Dual SO-8 P
SQ4961EY Dual SO-8 P

SQJ941EP Dual PowerPAK SO-8L P
SQJ951EP Dual PowerPAK SO-8L P
SQJ963EP Dual PowerPAK SO-8L P

DUAL n-Channel mosfet list

SQ1902EL Dual SC-70 N
SQ1912EEH Dual SC-70 N

SQ4282EY Dual SO-8 N
SQ4284EY Dual SO-8 N
SQ4330EY Dual SO-8 N
SQ4920EY Dual SO-8 N
SQ4936EY Dual SO-8 N
SQ4942EY Dual SO-8 N
SQ4946AEY Dual SO-8 N
SQ9945BEY Dual SO-8 N

Single p-Channel mosfet list

SQM110N05-06L Single TO-263 P
SQM110P06-8m9L Single TO-263 P
SQM120N02-1m3L Single TO-263 P
SQM120N03-1m5L Single TO-263 P
SQM120N04-1m7 Single TO-263 P
SQM120N04-1m7L Single TO-263 P
SQM120N04-1m9 Single TO-263 P
SQM120N06-06 Single TO-263 P
SQM120N06-3m5L Single TO-263 P
SQM120N10-09 Single TO-263 P
SQM120N10-3m8 Single TO-263 P
SQM120P04-04L Single TO-263 P
SQM120P06-07L Single TO-263 P
SQM18N33-160H Single TO-263 P

Single n-Channel mosfet list

SQ1420EEH   Single  SC-70  N
SQ1421EEH   Single  SC-70  N
SQ1431EH     Single  SC-70  N
SQ1470EH     Single  SC-70  N

SQ2301ES      Single  SOT-23           N
SQ2303ES      Single  SOT-23           N
SQ2308BES   Single  SOT-23           N
SQ2309ES      Single  SOT-23           N
SQ2310ES      Single  SOT-23           N
SQ2315ES      Single  SOT-23           N

AOD417 P-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor

AOD417 P-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor

General Description
The AOD417 uses advanced trench technology to
provide excellent RDS(ON), low gate charge and low
gate resistance. With the excellent thermal resistance
of the DPAK package, this device is well suited for
high current load applications.
-RoHS Compliant
-Halogen Free*

How to Test NPN from PNP Transistors with a Digital Multimeter

A digital multimeter (or DMM) can be used to test and differentiate between PNP and NPN transistors.
It is important to understand that a bipolar transistor is a kind of transistor which is dependent on the contact of two different types of semiconductors for successful operation. Their operation involves both electrons and holes, these two types of charge carriers are typical of two kinds of doped semiconductor material, where doped means that impurities were purposefully introduced to modulate the electrical properties.

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