How to fix computer hardware and software problems: Microsoft Windows vista shortcut key list


Microsoft Windows vista shortcut key list

Microsoft Windows vista shortcut key list:

Windows Vista adds the following shortcuts:

  •  Win+G selects next Windows Sidebar gadget item, bringing all gadgets to the foreground in process.
  •  Win+SPACEBAR toggles Windows Sidebar. Windows Sidebar was discontinued in Windows 7.
  •  Win+X invokes Windows Mobility Center. Works only if portable computer features are installed. This key combination is reassigned in Windows 8.
  •  Win+Tab  switches active app using Aero Flip 3D. Requires desktop composition, a feature of Windows Aero. Aero Flip 3D is discontinued in Windows 8 and this key is reassigned.
  •  Win+CTRL+Tab  is same as above, but Aero Flip 3D remains even when this key combination is released. Arrow keys or mouse may be used to navigate between windows.
  •  Win+1 through  Win+9 Win+0 starts the corresponding Quick Launch Bar program.  Win+0 runs the tenth item. Quick Launch is discontinued in Wind

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